​Founded: 01.03.2001 (as ProjektBüro Karsten Engler)
Change of name to VAKT® Karsten Engler in 2205
Foundation of the corporation VAKT®-Unternehmensgesellschaft in October 2008
Change of name to VAKT®-GmbH on 01.01.2018

2 managing directors
3 employees

Open positions:
                                                        Working student 2 positions                                                  

​Überblick VAKT®-GmbH

​VAKT®-GmbH is a growth-oriented interim management consultancy based in the Westerwald region of Germany. many years of experience, high qualifications and continuous further training of employees have enabled the company to develop from a former IT system house with pure network support into a high-end IT management consultancy. many companies have great potential for optimisation, particularly in the areas of project management and quality management, and thus the opportunity to redeploy resources that are currently tied up. the clear focus on standards enables unused or idle resources to be reactivated and profitably returned to the company.

​As an experienced and successful IT management consultancy, we show you
ways to realise your corporate goals and support the emergence of new visions
vision in your company by consistently applying existing and successful
application of existing and successful standards in IT, such as
ITIL© Service Management, Cobit and Prince 2™ as well as the use of PMI® in the area of project management.
The current company, VAKT®-GmbH, has its roots in 2001.
its roots in 2001, after many years of working in the automotive
automotive industry, at one of the world's leading automotive suppliers
and several years with a Finnish producer of firewalls, VPN and
producer of firewalls, VPN and mobile radio devices, Mr Karsten Engler founded
Karsten Engler founded the sole proprietorship ProjektBüro Karsten Engler on 01.03.2001.
Engler, based in Neuss (on the Rhine) and Frankfurt/Main.

​On 1 January 2007, ProjektBüro Karsten Engler changed its name to VAKT
Karsten Engler. VAKT® has been registered as a trademark at the German Patent and Trademark Office since 21.03.2007.
German Patent and Trademark Office on 17.11.2009.
Karsten Engler and Mrs Anett Müller-Engler founded the company
VAKT® -Unternehmensgesellschaft, which took over the rights to the trademark.
VAKT® -Unternehmensgesellschaft took over the rights to the trade mark in January 2009.
business activities in the areas of interim management, service management
management, service management and project management and is active worldwide
with a focus on D-A-CH. in July 2018, the VAKT® company was transformed into the
VAKT® company was transformed into VAKT®-GmbH.